Oy! Keep Your Fingers Outta My Soup!

I love cooking! Whenever I go to a restaurant (rare) I'll order something that sounds interesting and then try and re-create it at home. Usually, I will get some info on how they make something from the waiter or the chefs themselves. I took a cooking course at a tech college, and learned all the basics, and got lots of jobs cooking at restaurants, and even being a kitchen manager. The industry definitely has its dark side, though. I became disenchanted with the usual bunch of idiots running the show, lying about things (meat quality or origin) or cutting corners or just plain abusive owners who didn't see why I had to shut the fryer down after a mouse had fallen into it. 

Anyway, I still like to cook, and make my lunches up the night before, to take to school, and I get a bit elaborate. I love lunch time!

Sydgrrl Sydgrrl
46-50, T
Mar 18, 2010