On a Church Notice Board

I was traveling on a bus a while ago and noticed a sign outside a little church...

" Staying at home and screaming   OH GOD !    OH GOD ! does not constitute going to church "

Made me laugh.... had to share it.... Well...I'm sure they thought it was inspirational !!

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6 Responses May 9, 2007

Q. <br />
What do you call an Atheist Insomniac ..... ?<br />
<br />
A. <br />
Someone who stays awake at night wondering if <br />
their really is a Dog

that was a good little chuckle, thankx - I needed that!

not a clue on that one Chelie....<br />
<br />
saw one recently that I liked...<br />
<br />
"Our sign is broken....inquire within for message"

You know... they probably weren't toooooo far off in that assessment! ;) :D (Although you'd probably have had to explain to them *why* it was so funny, only to receive a second round of blank stares :P)

I laughed out loudly on the bus when i saw it and turned to see if anyone else saw it ... Nope !!.... they thought i was a crazy lady hehehe

hahahahaha!!! (I inspired, and then expired in a series of chuckles ;) )