I Wanna Be Like Superman

One day, a crowd of tourists was on top of the Empire State Building, watching in awe as a man threw himself off the ledge, only to get close to within about 10 feet of the ground, then swerve and fly right back to his starting point.
Someone asked how he did that and he said that it was the wind currents, that on certain days the wind blew just right so that you couldn't fall all the way to the ground.
To prove it, he did it again.
A man with an "I (heart) NY" t-shirt on jumped up front and said he wanted to give it a go. He confidently jumped off and splat! Right on the pavement.
One of the natives who happened to be walking by looked up and said "Looks like Superman is f-ing with the tourists again."
stankadiddlehopper stankadiddlehopper
51-55, M
Sep 22, 2012