My wife bought me a corset several years ago. It was after she had started putting me in girdles 24/7 ostensibly to encourage my dieting. By the time I got used to wearing the girdles, she was looking for something else to add, some other thing that would be a constant reminder of my submissive state. The corset was her answer.

Frankly having worn girdles and so many different styles of them, I did not take the corset serious. A real corset is most formidable. I mean the thing has steel in it.

It looks so little. Just two rectangles of black satin held together by a web of laces. Yet once you hook the front togeter, again steel loops over steel posts, you know you are locked into something. Then when she starts drawing in the laces you quickly find your center being compressed and remolded.

I love to stand in front of a mirror and watch as the tigthening corset remolds me into an hour glass shape.

Of course once I am in it, it feels like I can't breath and bending over is a whole new if not impossible effort.

Once corseted I then have to finish dressing. I am given a series of things to do and a minimal time limit for wearing the girdle.

I have found that if I am standing or walking the corset is much easier, almost bareable, but if you have to sit much it real mashes your lower abdomen.

Yet when I am in the corset I feel so feminine, and I find myself going by places where there are mirrors just so I can turn and see my tiny waist line. So vain.

[See my pictures for illustraions of this.]
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1 Response Aug 3, 2010

Sounds like my dream wife. I'm waiting on one preop to be ready to marry me. I only she will help me learn to love corsetry, I already enjoy girdles and waist clinchers.