First Foray Into Corsets--why I 'bit The Bullet' And Finally Strapped Myself In.

I have always been a bit of an 'old soul' when it came to fashions. Crinolines, corsets, and the like always fascinated me, but I could never muster up the courage to seek them out for myself until very recently.

I am now the proud owner of a lovely royal blue underbust corset (off the rack, it has to be said, what with this being my first foray into actually wearing this sort of thing). It took some getting used to, what with 15 odd years lugging heavy bookbags and crouching over desks completely ruining my posture and putting a little sway in my spine. Still, I love it. So much. Just what I love about it really depends on the day, and the reason behind my wearing it.

Some days its about playing some good old fashioned "dress up", projecting an image of confidence that I don't entirely feel. I wear it for the same reason I wear shoes that make little 'click click' sounds on the pavement, red lips, and a well tailored set of clothes, black and structured and oh-so-fabulous: because it makes me feel powerful and strong, even if inside I am absolutely terrified.

On these days, it's about tricking myself into believing my own lie.

Other days it's about being held, and nothing more, like a hug I can wear all day, a reminder that I loved.

Sometimes it's simply for the laces, because I love them. I love them the same way I love buckles and straps, the way they look and feel and the control they signify.

Sometimes it's for the awareness. For taking that extra time in the mornings to put it on and lace it up, until it's just right. It forces me to slow down, take a breath, and focus on nothing more than the systematic tug and release, row by row. Then I spend the rest of the day aware of how I stand, how I sit, how I breathe, how I can move, and how I can't.

Some days it's simply because it is beautiful and feminine, and makes me feel beautiful and feminine by wearing it. So I show it off over whatever clothes I can find.

The days that I don't, it's about secrets, and the little thrill you get knowing you have something so lovely hidden underneath, where nobody can see but you.

Regardless of why, I love my corset dearly, though I've only owned it for about a month. One day, I hope to be able to invest in something custom-fit, or try out another style.

For now, I am glad that I bit the bullet and dipped my toes into the world of corsets, even if most people don't really understand why.

SoConfusified SoConfusified
Nov 30, 2012