Sister And Her Friends

I had to share a room with one of my sisters as they could not get along. I had already been dressed in the past as a little girl by both of my sisters to punish me for their having to babysit little brother.  My sister did not like the fact that I was always in the room when she had friends over.  My parents went away for a weekend and my sister and her friends had their fun with me. Along with the frilly party dresses, a long line bra, waist cincher and corset were added.  Her best friend decided I need a smaller waist , which was her excuse for both the wasit cincher and corset.  I was introduced to garter stockings and high heels.  Another friend insisted that one crinoline was not enough so she brought over hers to add to my outfit.  This was just the begining as I spent many hours/days dressed by my sister and her friends. 

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I would have loved your experiences

I wish I had a sister