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Photography: G. Farquhar
Model: G. Farquhar
Digital art: G. Farquhar

Maybe not all that erotic, exactly... but it's a nude.  And that might count for something.

TheNakedPoet TheNakedPoet
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4 Responses May 10, 2012

Maybe... it is sorta fun to just let the imagination wander as to where your own thoughts were at!!

You're RIGHTTTT!! Those hands do look like they are "seriously" thinkin on something to be doin!! :D That just TOTALLY adds to the personality of the shot...."Wha to do, what to do" is what I would caption this shot with! :D

Maybe I should have just gone for it and added a third picture... but then, that would have removed a certain element of enigma in this sequence.

The top one has better depth with all the shadows and that's a rockin angle but the bottom one has a lot of personality... Like you're lookin down and really ...<br />
"considering " something!!

Check out the hands, too. Those are twitchy fingers. It's like I'm trying to decide whether to take this particular photoshoot into a different territory.

I said back on mahal's thread I was gonna pay you a visit and here I am!! Both of these are great shots!! :) I think your name rocks too!

I prefer the first picture, but I do like both of them. I took them both yesterday afternoon. I like the camera angle.