Short Story Tease

I love to write short stories this is the first paragraph of the one I am currently writing called "The Risk Takers".

"Horace Greely had said “go west young man” but he was traveling east after having spent most of his life living along the Pacific shores.  He had been as far west as one could get having stood on the bluffs looking across the ocean at Cape Blanco in Oregon.   Now he was leaving everything familiar, the granite spires of the Sierra Nevada in California, the towering old growth Douglas fir in Oregon and the massive volcanic heights of Mt. Rainier in Washington for the green hills of the Appalachians in West Virginia.    Looking over to the passenger seat he momentarily studied the face of the reason for leaving the confines of the world he was so familiar with.  Smiling he looked in the rearview mirror in it the front range of the Rockies were growing smaller as they passed through the wheat fields on the plains of eastern Colorado.  Looking back this time her sparkling blue eyes met his, no words were spoken, and none needed to be the mutual contented smiles on their faces expressed their shared deep love for each other."

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