I've Used Creative Writing to Get Me Out of a Depressed State

I like creative writing.   In April of 2006, I found myself homeless, and very depressed.  I used my writing, research and creative skills, gained from my journalism and library science backgrounds, to find a powerful way to start to visualize a better life for myself, which lead to gainful employment, a place to live and healing family relations. 

After extensive research of various religious and philosophical traditions, I found a recurrent theme citing  positive visualized prayer or meditation as a means to moves one's life forward with God and the universe.  In philosophy it is known as creative visualization. I also found that twelve-step programs talk about a spiritual process which one undergoes in partnership with one's  "higher power" to overcome addiction and strife in one's life.  All the steps involve a creative positive visualization of some sort.

After seeing the positive effects my writings were having on me and others around me, I decided to use my talents and background to teach others about the power of words to heal, and move one's life forward with positive effects on one's environment. Most importantly my personal spiritual and creative journey keeps producing evidence that the karmic connection with my mother, who has advancing Alzheimer's, is stronger and larger than her disease.  Since my journey has began in earnest, her emotional skills have improved remarkably even though her cognitive and physical skills have been declining.  That has been the greatest gift of this journey. Thank you for reading my story.

I would like to offer, for free, the creative writing course I developed to help people use their creative  writing skills to empower themselves.  It is called "Designing Your Life Through Creative Writing."   You can find out more at http://donaldsplace.net

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Thank you very much for sharing!

Writing ones thoughts is like releasing them into the universe.