This Is Just One Of The Short Stories I Wrote

The sand between my toes was cool and the waves rippled towards me, Splashing gently on my feet. Looking out across the water turning gold and orange with waning sun. I raised my hand to half block the pure yellow rays from my eyes. The drama of that day seemed to disappear, Just like the slowly setting sun and just for one moment I completely loses myself. For that one moment I was completely alone - No distractions. It was the time of day when the air was inky with the promise of the night and the waves played a lullaby to the sand, Just like a mother sings to her child.

I was brought back down to earth by a friend hollering,
" You coming back with us ...? "
I nodded in her direction. " Just a minute "
I turned back to the horizon, The sun was starting to dim my eyes now. The rays reflected of the little peaks and troffs of the ice blue sea. Its as if the sun was saying, Don't forget me. It cast its final shadows for the day, Long shadows, That go on forever ......
laurie37 laurie37
18-21, F
May 7, 2012