Do You Ever Wish Someone Should Love You Philosophically. -

  1. I stared at life and it gave back a glance; I gave back a glance; and life smiled back to me

  2. I observed the shyness to discomfort; only to comfort the shyness by giving freedom to smile back at me again

  3. A person can remain cool by words but the eyes remain restless without the meaning of writing; only a realization of those words can be returned with a smile

  4. Some words are too tough to even move a curve of a human face; but the same when expressed in true form shows the space of my heart which accommodates all movements of life to show my strength to bring back again a smile on a face

  5. The drama had its own twist and turns and no one knew where it would move and the mere mystery bought back a smile on face

  6. Sorry to make your heart stop many times but I only meant to make your heart breathe more better for life from then on to ensure you return a smile more peacefully

  7. Wish I could be a binocular to know your state of mind alas i am a human and not a machine to know your state and you should be happy and feel safe that i am not a machine and it should make you smile at the irony of life

  8. I wish to take you through the seven wonders of life in form of me who is the eight wonder for you as you never experienced TAJ MAHAL and  didn’t’ try to drink TAJ TEA too and hence you can only smile at this wonder

  9. If life were to ask you to choose; choose the smiling face with searching eyes as the eyes search for the happiness you deserve and the smile inspires you to smile again

  10. The world keeps wondering why we choose the word love carefully and the world gets surprised that what we like was not we loved but what we loved was surely likeable and the word “like” which is a mathematical probability ceases to end and only love exists

  11. Love always has light in it as only it takes only one moment to be enlightened to know that you are in love

  12. The pause between realization and the silence in journey make us hesitate to say those magical words but finally doesn’t a heart know that when the moment it is expressed it is only in less than 1 minute and that is speed is of light

  13. The heart refuses to read the equation in relationship and the mind fails to understand why it happens but the eyes remain peaceful experiencing it as there are no formulae available to really bring smile on face

  14. To change the course of prose from love to life will not take much time but there will be philosophies in it which will unnerve you. I don’t wish to unnerve you at time of separation

  15. A mere word can create a pause in thoughts so is love it unnerves you and life is not only love but also hate which we need to live with.

  16. It is myths that we never feel hates; but close your eyes for a minute and ask self what you hate today and your eyes will get moist at night by that thought

  17. Sometimes we get short of words to express and fail to express and latter realize it and we do hate self for so.

  18. I searched the universe to find a soul who is free from hatred and when I found one; what would anyone wish me to do.

  19. The heart stopped thinking now and mind too as the person who doesn’t know hatred didn’t know what could be the answer and hated self for saying that it was free from hatred

  20. Life introduces diplomacy and the mind is searching words for answers

  21. Alas thy human who wishes to hold on unique item for self as always and I overcome that to at least let the unique item be remembered by all for that


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loads of love to all here.

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May 18, 2012