I Am A Lazy Writer

I am very much in love with validating myself through creative writing. I don't know who really knows what good writing is, but I use it as a reminder to myself that I have a solid voice. But I have found that I tell myself this over and over again but haven't picked up a pen to write creatively since I was diagnosed with BPD. In short, that sucks and I don't get it.
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3 Responses May 19, 2012

The people below are right. You want to write, you HAVE to write. Maybe just two or three words every day...or as much as a couple of sentences. Try that method.

Writer's block comes when one least expects it. The only way out of it, oddly enough is to write. I usually begin with: I can't write ... or ... I don't want to write ... When I had a streak of many months of not writing, I began a journal that began with the question: What do I do now? I wrote in that journal everyday for eight weeks. Then I began another. Every thought, I wrote down did not have to make sense, even to me. I just knew I had to write.<br />
Find your way, because, as a person told me once: "If you have an instrument, you need to play it, if only for yourself. Don't give it up." He was talking about my guitar, he was a drummer. He too had given up his creative outlet. He found that taking it back up, was the salvation he needed, just for himself.<br />
Write, don't worry about readers, just write, it will do your spirit good.

I understand. I used to write a LOT of poetry, until one person totally destroyed the ambiance of the site I used to post on. Since I quit going there, it is as if my poetry has burrowed down, deep inside somewhere and I just can't dredge it up. I hope you will find your voice again. It is a good, healthy way to deal with thoughts and feelings. It is also nice to have that ability. I hope you will start again soon. Good luck.