A Room Of My Own.

I want a study room with loads of books...white curtains...lanterns...typewriter
and some nice mint flavored cigarettes.
wingsgirl wingsgirl
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4 Responses May 19, 2012

This would be beautiful. Almost makes me wish I still smoked. I feel like you can't be a real writer if you don't chain smoke while you write. :3

and for CIG More-mentol will work???

instead to typewrite COMPUTER or LAPTOP with PRINTER will work?????

Gotta have those mint flavoured cigs, if you're gonna have a study.

Those lovely mint-flavored cigarettes, no matter how much you love them, will deposit a smell and film of nicotine on your beautiful white curtains.

Trust me - people who do not smoke and come to see you will smell the cigarette smoke - they are sensitive to the odor. If you smoke, you do not notice it, but non-smokers will. I do not smoke myself, but both my parents did before they died, and I noticed how much cleaner the atmosphere in the house is since they passed away.

And no matter what kind of cigarettes you smoke, the nicotine clings to clothing and curtains, especially. Have you ever washed the curtains in the home of a smoker? The rinse water is the dirtiest thing imaginable.

You are entitled to smoke if you like - but the things I mentioned above are hazards you may want to consider.