A Funny Love Affair !

It started in a classroom filled with thirty children. He was the odd one out because he was constantly staring at me. And smiling. Every time i looked over at his desk he used to lower his head and look at me grinning widely .And he did not take his eyes off. So what he did was make a paper plane and write "what is your name?" and flew it to my table. i was taken aback at his guts. i was this 22 years old new school teacher and he was this class 5 boy. this is not funny ! :( however i was a bit bored so i wrote back my name and flew the paper plane back to his desk. and then shouted at the kids to do their work. He beamed back at me and hurriedly wrote something and then flew the plane back at me. now the words he wrote was something like this---- " i know this is not a gift good enough for you but i hope you like it....love XOXO". awwww! i was so touched. :) and i smiled back at him and told him that i will keep it. :P even now have the crispy paper plane with me,though i left the school and the kids...i certainly think this guy is going to be one hell of a romantic guy when he grows up.
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3 Responses May 24, 2012

good story.

Aaaww that's so cute ^^,

Cool keepsakes like those get etched in the heart as well.

yeah....he definitely won my heart that day. :)