I Know I Can Be A Great Writer!!!

Just have no idea where to start, I have many great ideas but the thing is I haven't time to start or I should say I have no peace of mind. My day is busy with four kids running around. But I know soon I will want to start, what better way to express yourself then writing? Wish me luck.
Pupupy Pupupy
3 Responses May 28, 2012

Telling stories to my kids helped me through the "dry" writing periods. I didn't get to write those stories down, but, they were written in the air. Little poems, jingles, stories that involved what was going on, all helped in my creative process and in that process in my kids.<br />
Writing it down, yes, that's the chore with laundry, shopping, soccer, play ground, homework, cleaning, worrying ... ah, but there are stories in each of these. You'll find your way.

Thank you so much RavenDelcor, you reminded me of myself when you said you've said many poems,stories...to your kids but not write them down all gone in the air. But hope they'll be apart of our kids and would (not in exact details) pass on from our kids to our grand kids, or so I hope. At times my 13 yrs old would remind me of those long forgotten stories, she'd retell them with great excitement, at those moments I feel heavenly blessed.

Sounds good, I guess I can do that. Thanks really.

Thanks really. Congrats on your story, wow 29 years! Must be a great story. You saying that makes me feel better and easy on myself. So what if I took time to finish it, I guess the process is what matters ...then later the outcome will be great I hope.