Work On It

Writing means a lot to me. When ever we need to come up with the beginning of stories in english class I always write the beginning likee there will be an end. I can never finish the ending of books though. I dont know why I just...stop. I wish i culd finish the books i write. maybe i can learn how to finish books and get some kind of motivation to finish them in the future. If i become a writer proffesiionally in the future then my motivation will b that if i dont finish the book then i wont eat and then i die. I culd also write short stories and articles. My other worry is that i might write a lot but not b creative enough to make more works. If i become a writer i wil hav to work on it.
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1 Response May 28, 2012

All writers work on it, but, it is fun. Stories have beginnings middles and ends. When I was growing up my friends and I would camp out in our back yards. When it got dark, we'd start to tell stories. Some of our stories went from one friend to the next. You know, we chained it together. One would start it, the next would add something and so on, until someone found a way to end it. It was fun, we tried to out do each other with the endings, because, at the end everyone was listening for something either cool, gross, shocking or funny. Bad endings for us in that group was "happily ever after."<br />
Good luck, get some fun writing prompts from your English teacher and roam around your imagination.