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The Teardrop Prison

The Teardrop Prison

Inside a teardrop looking out
The joy and happiness inside
See the pain and sorrow
Surrounding, retaining surface tension

The drop does not fall
The triumphal, salient feeling inside
Moves the drop on its slide down
Descending the cheek of humanity

It is a sanctuary full of life
Surrounded by pain and suffering
The tear welled up in joy
Only to see clusters

Of lost humanity grieving
Losses, forgotten promises, misery
Inside the joy builds
Free-falling from the face

Headed for another place
A rush of all there is and was
Yet, could never be
Where did the joy come from?

It does not land, this teardrop
It crystalizes in a deep place
Caught in a flow of other tears
The heaving chest of the sorrowing

Convince the rains to fall
Here, a place, a feeling, a release
Yet, a prison of joy
A safe place, a happy place

Dripping down a wonderful face
Causing a smile, and a distant look.

RavenDelcor RavenDelcor 56-60, M Jun 1, 2012

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