Your Memory Lingers

The flickering of the disco lights, music booming through the speakers, long waiting lines with inpatient patrons. High-class bourgeoisie twenty something’s in their habitat, for them just another party night, for me the ultimate life experience. It was Pacha in Florianopolis, Brasil, and I was trying to blend in with the chic crowd. Meanwhile, my two party companions Anna and Cristina were hoping to stand out by catching the attention of the exotic Brazilian boys with gloating stares and American accents.

Once inside the venue the usual Dj platform and the surrounding hordes of people were prevalent. In addition to prototypes of opposite sex “couples” flirting and slightly caressing. I observed the frenzy and maintained as far from the madness as physically possible. But, just as I was preparing to ignore another undesirable sexual advance, through the neon lights I caught a glimpse of the cutest boy on the whole dance floor. The heartthrob posses the most charming green eyes, tanned skin, and structure shoulders which revealed his athletic hobbies. And, I was so completely enthralled with his presence that I barely realized my quavering reaction. My apparent nervousness didn’t serve as a discouragement, for the exotic hunk grab me by the arm and in rapid succession wrapped me by the waist. Before I knew it the space between him and I had banished, and we were breathing the same sensual air. I appeared to be submissive under his charm, whoever thought a feminist like myself would enjoy such subjection. Touch turned into kisses and his lips were passionately unveiling my deepest desires. The lascivious and guilty pleasure of sharing this intimacy with a stranger thrilled me. However, I could no longer keep the mystery alive, and I garnered enough courage to ask him his name. Luiz was his response, and I immediately shrieked my name back out of sheer anxiety, yet deeply wishing my name could linger on his memory. My apparent awkward question only enticed Luiz more since he stared at me with his piercing green eyes coupled with the sexiest smile. He softly leaned against me and whispered softly into my ear.
“Would you like to take some fresh air” Yes, the cheesiest line by far, yet with the power to make me chirpy.
Sooner than later him and I were lounging on the luxurious cabana couches, and then and there I realized Luiz looked much better under the moonlight. At this point, we had reached a whole another unexpected level of intimacy he started to share his future dreams and goals. I was pleasantly surprised and somehow confused was this sudden encounter something more than a very sultry make out session? Luiz didn’t cease to surprise me since once the night was waning down at 4am he didn’t hesitate to offer my friends and I a ride back to our apartments.

The clock kept on ticking and every passing minute threaten to bring the sunrise, I couldn’t help but think that this awesome experience will end soon. I decided to take faith into my own hands and stretch time by asking my gorgeous boy toy to stay with me a while, a demand to which he didn’t refuse. We parked the car in front of my apartment, which happened to have breath taking views of the lagoa/lake, which held the beautiful reflection of the moonlight. Nothing arose me more than having him so close to me in such romantic scenery. He was so gentle with the tip of his fingers, yet so determine and passionate I could hardly digest such contradictory emotions. I couldn’t believe that the few hours together had allow him to turn me on to the point where my skin was in goose bumps and I could hardly breath the cool morning air. Before I knew it I was under a tree on top of the grass very comical position yet exciting. But, when everything seemed to come to a fruition and predictable ending my subconscious catholic all girls school mentality kicked in and prudence became main priority. Questions rambled through my head; what am I doing here with a stranger in a foreign country? What if someone sees us? And then everything came to an end he begged to come into my place and kept me company, but I rebuffed his every request. But, ‘till this day I keep that one name in my head and the most romantic experience I have ever had beyond comparison.
22-25, F
Sep 13, 2012