First Time

I have never written creatively although I have always had the desire. Here is my first attempt at it. This was inspired by my panic attacks.

The sick man ponders his future

The old lover tells how it should be

The sane man knows he is selfish

"Put others before self", he thinks

Is this the way it should be?

The vagabond nods but Jack disagrees

The broken man lay in his bed

The shadows begin to dance

The white dragon violently appears

But the red one enters

The Christian began to pray

But the healthy man had been tainted

The dead and the wicked show their face

No one knows what will happen next

The lunatic walked among them

Their eyes he could feel


The sick man sleeps

The bulldog perservered but was falsly informed

"Why did this happen to me?", he thought

The screws came loose and were ********

A respected man was turned inside out for all to see

His true colors were on display

All hope was lost as hours turned into days

The red dragon continued to pillage

The vagabond was placed in captivity

The guilty confessed to an audience

3 angels met the red dragon at the cross

They judged not and hope was restored

The sick man rides the pewter stallion

The ill man questions his condition

The educated circle their answer

The seeds of cheer are planted one day to sprout

But the red dragon remained

The loved man accepts his condition

And new truths came to light

The mute  began to speak

The cripple stood free of his crutch

The red dragon was destroyed

Although his scars are visible

This vagabond has been set free.

  I know I dont have correct form or whatever but thats why I enjoyed it. I would love to read someone elses writing regardless of what type.

Vagabond Vagabond
5 Responses May 8, 2007

This is the way I write when I do poetry. The feeling comes over me and the words flow forward. Good piece!

What makes you say this isn't poetry? Poetry is heart, and this is. It doesn't have to have rhyme and rhythm to be poetry. Well done. Don't stop.

I really like it. The imagery was very vivid.

Very interesting ive done some creative books in my time, and very dark poetry so very well done :)

I quite like it, its weird and i think its obvious you have put some thought it to it. So yea man keep writing!