My First Date

When I was a young man just turning 16, I had never been on a date. My self-confidence was very low and I didn't think that any girl would consider going out with me so I never asked one. However, I had a friend, Jason, who was concerned about me and he asked a girl out on my behalf and by some miracle she said yes.

Jason didn't ask just any girl, he asked Ellie Rogers, the prettiest girl in school. I had a tremendous crush on Ellie since the first grade and her beauty was only exceeded by her sweetness.

When the night of our date arrived, I drove over to Ellie's house to pick her up for dinner and a movie. When I saw her, it seemed that her beauty had been raised to a higher level because she was absolutely stunning. I was so nervous that I thought I might faint but Ellie's sweetness comforted me and put me at ease.

After a fine dinner and a movie, I returned to Ellie's home but it was still early so she led me to her backyard where there was a large swimming pool. We then sat in some comfortable chairs near the pool's edge and we began to talk. Our conversation lasted for more than an hour and then I got up and started to leave but just as I was walking away, Ellie gave me a big hug and kissed me on my lips. I was thirlled beyond belief but I also became somewhat disoriented and fell into the swimming pool!

Ellie knew how fragile the male ego could be so she didn't laugh, she just flashed a sympathetic smile as I stood waist-deep in the pool. Ellie had to giggle just a little as she watched me climb out of the water wearing my drenched clothing but she quickly gave me a look of concern as my embarrassment became obvious. Then Ellie gave me another kiss and said, "I won't tell anyone about this." Ellie kept her word and remained quiet about my wet first date for many years but on our 10 year high school reunion, she told the entire story with the help of a little alcohol. With the passage of time, my embarrassment has waned and I wasn't at all angry at Ellie for telling the story of my pool incident. In fact, it has now become one of my favorite memories.
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What a sweet story! I can't help but ask....Then what happened?