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As I entered my junior year in college, I hadn't been on a date since I was a freshman and I had absolutely no self-confidence. After such a long period without female companionship, I reasoned that no sane girl would possibly go out with me? Therefore, I decided that it would be foolish to even ask a girl for a date.

In the fall semester of my third year of college, I took a debate class and that would lead to some of the greatest events of my life. There was a girl in that class who was beyond beautiful and by a generous twist of fate, she became my debate partner through a blind draw. 

I found out that her name was Lisa, a senior who was planning to go to law school after college graduation.  Lisa had a body which could have been sculpted by Michaelangelo and some might say that she had the face of an angel but I would say that she had the face of an angel who had won a heavenly beauty pageant.   I also discovered that Lisa had a very warm personality and she had a way of putting me at ease even though I was extremely nervous in her presence in the beginning.

I desperately wanted to please Lisa even though I was sure that we would never enter into a romantic relationship.  In order to become a good debater, meticulous research is required so I took the lead in finding reference material for our debates.  In fact, I often spent several hours daily in the library researching our topic and it paid off in our competitions because we were privy to obscure information that the other teams were not. 

Although I made decent grades in my classes, I was kind of a slacker in my school work but with Lisa as my motivation, I became a workaholic in debate class.  Our debate topic was related to the subject of privacy rights versus the government's need to know and there was a wealth of information about the topic but it took hours to sift through and analyze it.

About two weeks after the start of the semester, we had our first debate and to my great surprise Lisa and I won!  My research and Lisa's fine oratory put us miles ahead of the rest of the class.  Lisa had a poised but forceful delivery but my speech was tense and choppy although I got much better before the end of the year.

Before each debate, Lisa and I spent 2 or 3 hours preparing for it and we usually ate together in the college cafeteria between our study sessions.  As we dined, I hoped others would see me in Lisa's company and assume that we were dating.  Our long periods of preparation paid off well because we won every debate within our class and we both received A's for the course.

Our success in debate class led to an invitation for Lisa and me to join the college's prestigious varsity debate team which was rated among the top ten in the USA by "Forensics Review" magazine.  Our debate coach had been our teacher in debate class and he was greatly impressed by our talent and work ethic.  After tryouts, Lisa was allowed to present arguments on the team as we competed with other colleges and I was relegated primarily to research duties. 

Our debate season lasted from mid-February until late April and with Lisa leading the way, our team had its most successful run in school history.  Even though most of my contributions to the team were behind the scenes, I took great pride in our success.  But I was most pleased by my opportunity to work closely with Lisa.  Lisa and I were together almost every day for three months and we grew very close but I was well aware of the fact that our friendship would never enter the realm of romance. Lisa was in a serious relationship with a young man who was attending law school in a university out of state. However, I still wouldn't have had a shot at a romantic relationship with Lisa even if she wasn't involved with another man because she was way out of my league!

Just before the end of the school year, our debate team held an awards banquet and Lisa was voted #1 debater.  The award included a nice trophy and a gift certificate to a local department store but Lisa was most pleased by the fact that she could report the award on her resume.  Her designation as #1 debater coupled with her excellent grades could help her get into the same law school where her boyfriend was studying.

After the awards banquet, everyone connected to the debate team went to Lisa's apartment which was located across the street from campus for a proper celebration!  Lisa's tiny quarters were not big enough to accommodate such a large throng of people so the party moved poolside within her apartment complex. We then ordered several pizzas and someone brought in a large quanity of beer.  At 12:30 AM Lisa's guests began to leave and suddenly it was just she and I alone sitting next to the pool. Lisa and I had consumed too much alcohol and we were on the verge of being completely drunk! My thought process was somewhat altered by my intoxication but at that point, it seemed reasonable for me to jump in the pool fully clothed! I was wearing a "McGovern for President" tee shirt, bell bottom blue jeans and a pair of Adidis running shoes, and I didn't mind getting any of that wet. The more beer I drank, the more the prospect of jumping in the pool appealed to me. Therefore, without any more hesitation, I walked over to the pool's edge and struck a pose like a Olympic high diver. As I stood there, I began to have second thoughts about splashing in but Lisa saw me standing in my diver's stance and she began to urge me to jump! I remained on the edge for several minutes with my toes extended out over the pool's surface trying to make up my mind as to whether I should jump or not. All the while Lisa was chanting, "Jump!" "Jump!" Jump!" I had just about decided to abort my soaking when Lisa crept up behind me and gave me a firm push, then an instant later I found myself looking up at her while standing in wast-deep water! Lisa howled with laughter as she saw me soaking wet in the pool, I guess the act of pushing a young man in the water with his clothes on is the greatest comedic event that a drunken woman could imagine. Therefore, Lisa's hearty laughter continued for a very long period of time but in the midst of her amusement she was trying to apologize for getting me wet! However, Lisa couldn't seem to stop laughing so her apology didn't seem contrite to me. But there was no reason to apologize because I was thrilled by the experience. In retrospect, I found the pool event sweet, innocent and even mildly erotic.

After exiting the pool, I followed Lisa back to her apartment where I got out of my wet clothes and hung them on the shower rod in her bathroom. Lisa then gave me some clothes that her boyfriend had left on his last visit. It was really late by then and we were both very tired so we sat down on her sofa and she moved very close to me, then she pressed her body next to mine.  By this time, I cautiously began to rub Lisa's shoulders and back.  Lisa seemed to enjoy my tender massage because she urged me not to stop.  I was so thrilled that I was pleasing Lisa that I began to channel all my intense love for her through my gentle touch.  After about an hour of rubbing, Lisa fell asleep in my arms and she didn't awake until the sun had been up for more than an hour.  We then ate some cereal and waited for my clothes to become completely dry. By lunch time my attire was dry enough to change into so I reluctantly parted company with Lisa.

As I walked, back to my dorm, I was overcome with euphoria, I had actually slept with Lisa and held her in my arms all night!  Of course, nothing happened, I didn't have sex with her but what we shared seemed somehow sweeter than common sexual intercourse.

The next day I was planning to leave campus and return home for the summer but Lisa phoned me and asked if I would attend her graduation and go to dinner with her and her parents afterwards.  I was thrilled beyond belief and I quickly accepted her invitation.  The graduation ceremony was long and tedious but the dinner with Lisa and her parents made it all worthwhile.  Lisa introduced me as one of her favorite people in the world which was quite a boost to my deflated ego. Then when we finally parted ways at the end of the evening,  Lisa kissed me on the lips three times and she said, "Ronnie, I love you and I will never forget you!"

I never saw Lisa again after that night but her words of love have resonated in my heart for more than forty years!
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Oh! I LOVEEEEEEDDDD it! Really I did. I didn't think the ending was "lame" at all....I thought it was wonderful. That is coming from a woman's heart. A woman knows the importance of your night together with Lisa. Sleeping together, bodies touching, tender caresses are FAR more intimate than intercourse. Far more! Your story was well written, the flow was superb and very well thought out. You are a very rare creature. Most men don't get what you did from that encounter. And to think that you found it so incredibly tender and memorable, is all the more reason why you are a special man.

I don't know you at all but I will say this, any woman would be lucky to have a man that has the heart that you have.

Keep writing. I can't wait to read more of what you have to offer.

Read my stuff too if you like. I'd love some of your input.

Signed with
Hugs and admiration,

Your Fan

MORE!!!!! I'm loving this story!!!! MORE!!!!!! :-)

And? *(You've piqued my curiosity) :-)