Arctic North

What you lack in purpose you make up for in utter conviction.
What you lack in faith you make up for in complete delusion.

How did I ever love someone like you; when not long ago I swore I'd never love a liar, then, knowingly you tore apart my values and perverted them into weapons.
It is little wonder then how circumstances changed so quickly. How, as soon as hope rekindled I would jump at the chance to embrace a new flame that warmed me.

All that has been of your hearth is ice; nary a secure moment upon your capricious nature allowed me security to feel belonged. Truly with you I never belonged, a fire burning upon the ill tempered ice flow. Your cold personality nearly extinguishing my blaze.

I see now the untrue way I believed you were more than just a cold shoulder to lean on.
Bewildering still is how, even now, your frozen wasteland nearly beckons me to return. As if the chill was a seductive voice in my ear.

But I do not belong in your frigid arms. Never again will I venture there; such hostile land is no place to grow.
CatalystKasper CatalystKasper
18-21, M
Dec 1, 2012