For You, Angel-eyes

((I don't like this one. But since I'm moving all of my writings over to this site I figured I might as well post and edit it.))

Even when our lips depart,
I feel your eyes upon me
When you take,
You give me so much more.
Even when I can't breathe, so I feel the world around me go
...And the cold embrace of forgotten dreams
Comes to me again, but oh

A light in the dark.

It shines behind me; and I see
A future.
The winding path forever forward.
Obstacles that block my way; but do not seem so high anymore.

I take a step, and lo.
Your guiding hand finds mine.

Every time I seem to be sinking into an irrevocable madness,
You arrive to save me like a heroine from my dreams.
Do you hold my thread, close to your chest?
Or does it wind through you?
How do you know to arrive just when I need you?
My eyes flash open and I am at peace
Suddenly I hold a place of power; and I know
Forever will my future be whole when I breath again.

So even when our lips depart,
I am confident that whenever I need ~ You will come.
You'll pull through.
Every time I break, I'm saved...
By you.

The girl with the Angel-Eyes.
Eyes I can see even in the pitch dark.
You are my favorite secret.
No one knows you're real.

Simply put, my heart will break
You will come and heal me.

I take a break from the maddening real world
To get lost in the dark with you
And the cold bed sheets get warm
Simply from our conversation.
I slow down and play the bell,
I say words that you deserve to hear.
A thousand things I've always wanted to say to you.
If I said the right one, would you stay with me?

At this moment I say goodbye.
But I am not afraid.
We will be.
And we will be forever.
CatalystKasper CatalystKasper
18-21, M
Dec 1, 2012