Remember To Breathe

based on a dream.

The young man rolled onto his side, the blankets shifting with him.
He squinted his eyes in the darkness, unsure of why he'd awoken.
A shape formed in the dark, her head resting on the pillow. She made a noise in her sleep, and the young man's heart skipped a beat. He could recognize the girl he loved even if he was blind. The sounds she made; the outline of her face in the darkness... He knew it like he knew the palm of his hand, explored every detail, marking, everything that made it unique.
She was there. She was sleeping. The young man took a breath, realizing he'd been holding it since he'd awakened. The smell of her perfume filled his nose, and yet again he was taken back by the memories of that familiar scent. The sharp cleanliness of it, and then there was the smell that was just hers and hers alone.
The girl rolled onto her back, her short bangs falling over her eyes. Somehow, even in the dark, the young man could see her; and he gingerly reached out to brush the stray strands away. He pulled his hand away when he realized that the touch had woke her. He felt a pang of guilt rush through his heart, but it was dismissed when she smiled and gave a lovely yawn, a noise that to him was beautiful, and rolled to face him.
At first her eyes were closed, and the young man felt like he'd give anything to be able to see them open. Before long his deepest wish came true, and they did. Her brown eyes looked into his with all the compassion of an equal half; someone who was a part of a whole. He could feel every fiber of his being fall in love with those beautiful eyes all over again in that instant, and the girl smiled knowingly.
She extended her hand with the grace of an angel and touched the side of the young man's face, running her fingers gently through his hair.The moment was perfect, his heart was bursting, and he knew he couldn't contain himself any longer.
"I love you," he spoke, breaking the perfect silence. The girls eyes lit up in the dark at the sound of his voice, and he knew that she believed him.
"I love you too," she repeated back to him, before closing the distance between them for a kiss. When their lips touched the young man's heart thudded against his ribs, begging to be let loose. Everything in that moment was perfect, and nothing could ever change the way he felt. She'd sealed his fate forever. He was hers.

Suddenly the boy felt out of place; the familiarity of the sheets and blankets faded. Confused, he opened his eyes, breaking the kiss to lift his head and survey the surroundings. He recognized his bedroom, but only vaguely, like it was a memory.
Concerned, he tried to speak her name, to warn her that something was wrong; but he couldn't find the words. Her hand touched his, and realization slowly crept into his mind. Slowly, achingly slowly, the young man allowed himself to lay once more. When his head touched the pillow, he looked into her eyes and smiled weakly.
"... This is just a dream, isn't it?" He asked hesitantly, fearing the answer he already knew. Her hand found his face again and touched it softly.
"Yes," she said after a moment. Sadness slid into his heart and he suddenly felt years younger, and more vulnerable and alone than ever before.
"So you're not really next to me?" He asked, his voice cracking and breaking with his sadness. Tears began to form in his eyes, but he fought them away.
"No. I'm sorry. Now is the part where you wake up," she responded, as her fingers comfortingly danced through his hair. The young man didn't want to leave. He didn't want her to go, either. He wanted to stay there with her, forever, in that moment. An idea formed in his head, and he looked into her eyes once more, longing to never break the connection.
"Do you think... Do you think we could pretend this was real for just a little bit longer?" He pleaded, his voice strong.
The girl's eyes opened a little wider, before she looked away for a moment.
"Okay..." She said finally, her voice hesitating a little, but a smile formed on her face and dismissed the young man's worry.
He looked back into her eyes and smiled, moving in for a kiss. He was surprised when she kissed him back with just as much vigor as he was her, as though she missed him just as much as he missed her. The boy held on to that moment for what seemed like an eternity, every memory he had with the girl flashed before his mind's eye, and he fell in love with her over and over again. When at last they pulled apart, the boy's hand confidently took hers and held it against his chest where his fire burned, and his heart danced.
"Thanks... And, I love you." The boy stated, looking at the girl as her eyes went wide with shock and confusion. She seemed bewildered, and her lips quivered for a moment.
"Even though I'm not real?"
"Yes. Even though. I love you in reality, and I love you here. You are the most important thing I have in either world. I'm sorry I didn't see that..." The boy closed his eyes, ashamed, guilt filling him. He thought she would pull away, but instead she brought herself closer, her smell filled his nose, and she kissed him.
"It's okay... I forgive you."
Suddenly the boy felt everything slipping away from him and he opened his eyes once more. Her gorgeous orbs stared back into his but the sight slowly drifted farther and farther away, his senses fading as the dream started to end. He could still feel her, and he pulled her against him tightly. But it didn't last, as his limbs slowly lost feeling.
Her voice was the last thing he heard. It was crystal clear, right in his ear, and perfect as always.

"Now, make me repeat myself."
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Oh! I La La Loved this story!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic job! You have a wonderful talent. Thank you so much for writing this and sharing it.