Writing My Dreams

I enjoy storytelling, reading and attempting it myself. I have fun imagining, daydreaming, and enjoying, in freedom, writing down whatever I feel like without anyone telling me how to do it one way or another.
I write for freedom; for the freedom of saying whatever I need to a piece of paper that will be quiet the whole time.
There is a rhythm to writing. I like the rhythm and try to stay within its flow while I write. What makes the rhythm is something within me; an energy that flows in me with my own unique rainbow of colors. It is what makes me uniquely me. When I try and capture that on paper, and in the way I live my life, I am contributing my true self to the world.
mtiff mtiff
26-30, F
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Nice post mtiff.
I find I have to be in the mood for writing,when I am the words flow freely.
Regards :-)

Thankyou. Same goes for me.

Doing writing while you are in the mood is the backbone for a creative writer. It is for me, too. You can let people read your writing and hear their suggestions, but you don't need to ACT on what they tell you. I listen, but if it is not going the way my story is, I let it roll off my back. If people feel moved to comment on your writing it means they LIKE it.