When I Die.

Many people ask me why I don't set privacy on my social networking profiles, here is the answer, I leave it for coming generations who would study that how we used to live and what we used to do in past when we die, I may not be able to do anything big though which my name and words would be remembered but by making public profile there is a little chance that people would read my profile and remember me that way, even if I die someday my words and thoughts would always be here, and it would be easy for the people after 5000 years to study humans of the past though our old profiles and they can also learn many things from me even when I am dead, life is not useless to make people forget us, make your life worth remembering.
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3 Responses Dec 15, 2012

you really has a great reason, you are so far sighted.

Thanks for sharing your vision with us.

thank u so much, i m honored...!!

who else know
the future pres of pak cant be my frnd?

future pres of pak is already ur frnd hahaaha

wow ji........ orrr agr is k bawajud log bhul gye to....?

mere words tou zinda rehnge :p kabhi na kbhi koi na koi tou zaroor parhega na :p marne ke baad bhi koi mujhse kuch seekh lega agar galti se bhi kbhi mujhay visit kr lia :p