What Happens When You Get Braces?

Once upon a time, (T_T)
Russia didnt like the Rocks they had so they threw them at aliens who tried to sing at night :'c if i knew there was such going on i'd go in my spaceship And ponder onto ways on how to Save the Life of a pet rock :3 , but no no i couldnt. So i Told this Man "It's okay man we're going to GET YOU THAT GUMMY BEAR ON A STICK FACTORY! i dont care how long it takes we will get you that so you can sell those gummy bears on a stick...He cried tears of joy, 5 years later her mutated into jellyfishbears :o WHAT? Did that rabbit just spit on the camel :c ?awwwww damn it ! Yogi is SO GROUNDED! :| so Rocket-ships take unexpected trips to Arizona, texas, Washington, Crayolas sing to each other at night ._. You think thats Crazy? ask the guy about monkeys being Great at everything!,says no one ever! So like yes Teddy Roosevelt is AMAZING!!!! Koala's love to dance by them self to the stars! awww:') P.s......Watch it ...theres a spider looking at you!!:o
theadventuresofalexus theadventuresofalexus
18-21, F
Dec 15, 2012