Body And Spirit

Why do we have to have both Body and Spirit

I think there is something more to the body and spirit than we really think.

Here is my theory. The body has to have a spirit in control while the body grows and learns. The spirit never needs to rest or to sleep. The spirit made a pact with the creator in the beginning of life to have two separate identities rolled into one that included these traits.

The spirit was granted a few short hours while the body was recharging with sleep to investigate the road ahead. The most important thing for this get away into the future was the body would never ever be made aware of what the spirit did or where it went and most important, the spirit was to be present and in control when the body awoke.

There is also something we call deja vu This is where the body has a moment in time where it is sure it has passed this way before or viewed what is in front of us only to forget the moment or image just as quick as it was perceived.

while the body is sleeping the spirit is out playing or doing as it pleases but in order for this to happen the spirit must be able to know what the body is doing and be prepared to return in an instant should the body awake. Should the body awake before the spirits returns a sudden and natural death will take place that can’t be reversed. There will be no reason or any answer why.

The spirit found that by keeping the eyes from the body focused on every move the spirit would make kept it in constant contact with the body even while it was away however by doing this there would a recording on the eyes that the body would discover the moment it awoke. The spirit could not hide the recordings or its whereabouts from the body and would surely break the pact that was made with the creator.

When the body awoke to discover these new life images playing out before itself the spirit quickly convinced the body that the images where from somewhere the body visited before and that this would happen more frequently as life went on .

We have always known them as dreams

Colormegone Colormegone
46-50, M
Jan 16, 2013