Soon after my graduation from college in 1973, I was hired by the Honeywell Corporation. After a few days of orientation, I was assigned to a team which was developing an aircraft avoidance system. This cutting-edge device was designed to prevent mid-air collisions between airplanes. If our team could produce a viable prototype and sell it to large aeronautic firms it could result in millions of dollars in profits for Honeywell! Therefore, our superiors put a great deal of presure on our team to produce positive results.

After a few months on the job, our company hired a brilliant young engineer to help us complete our project. This particular person was unlike anyone in research and develepment, this individual was a female! Not only was she a woman, she was one of the most beautiful women that I had ever seen. She had an incredible body and her face was amazing as well. She had well-kept black hair that framed her pretty face in a very pleasent way.

As our new co-worker entered our workplace, she introduced herself as Erica Capps and she told us that she was a Stanford graduate and she had been working at Martin-Marrietta for a couple of years until Honeywell lured her away.

As soon as she began to work on our project, it was evident that Erica was very professional and talented. We had come to an impasse in our development but Erica soon got us back on track by making some key suggestions.

Each day when we arrived at work, all of the male workers on our team were looking for Erica.  We all lusted after her daily but we knew that there was no hope of any of us becoming romantically linked to Erica because our team consisted entirely of tech-nerds.  Furthermore, Erica was living with her fiance, Rob, and wedding plans were in her near future.

As we began to complete our aircraft avoidance system, Erica and I began working very closely together on one particular component of it.  We were in a race with other aeronautic companies to complete our device and present it to the aircraft industry.  Therefore, it was necessary for us to work seven days a week, twelve hours a day in order to finish our project before our competitors. 

As Erica and I worked so closely together, a strong bond began to form between us.  We developed a mutual respect and out of that grew an unmistakable affection.  Soon we became so well aquainted that we began to finish each other's sentences. 

About five months after Erica joined our team, the aircraft avoidance system was completed and ready for presentation to the aircraft industry.  Our boss on the project had noticed how well Erica and I had worked together so he chose us to fly to Seattle and present our device to The Boeing Company!  I prepared throughly for our meeting with Boeing, I really desired to impress them in a great way.  However, I was even more interested in impressing Erica than the Boeing folks so I worked day and night until we left for Seattle so that we might make the finest presentation imaginable.

When we arived at Sea-Tac International airport in Seattle, a car was waiting to drive us to the Hilton in nearby Renton, Washington.  That evening, Erica and I dined at the hotel's fine restaurant and then we went to my room for some last-minute preparations for our presentation.  After our rehersal, Erica remained in my room for a while as we watched some television and discussed our strategy at Boeing.

Erica left my room at approximately 9:30 and then I decided to retire for the evening.  I slept very little that night becauseI couldn't get my brain to shutdown and just as I began to drift off, my alarm clock rang and I jumped out of bed.  I quickly showered and got dressed then i heard a knock at my door as I opened it, I saw Erica who was looking absolutely stunning in her business attire.  She said, "We better get going, I know it's early but traffic is probably congested."  Then we called a cab and made our way to Boeing headquarters.

As we set up our charts and displays for the presentation, I was very nervous but Erica seemed unusually calm.  After about an hour of waiting, the Boeing people entered the conference room and we made our introductions.  Then we started our long anticpated presentation, I was still nervous at first but after a few minutes, an unusual peace fell upon me and I became relaxed.  Erica and I devided our time speaking and we both demonstrated a high level of competence as it concerned our aircraft avoidance system. 

After about 45 minutes, our presentation was over and to our great surprise we received a round of robust applause!  Later, each one of the Boeing executives and technicians in attendance came to us telling of the wonderful impression that we had made on them.  In addition, they also made promises of orders in the near future.

When Erica and I finally returned to our hotel, we realized that we had "hit the ball out of the park" at Boeing and we were ready to celebrate.  But before the celebration, we returned to our respective rooms to change into more casual clothing.  When Erica emerged from her room, she was wearing a pair of tight hippy low- rise jeans and a snug fitting white top which revealed the lower third of her abdomen.  The sight of Erica in her new ensamble took my breath away because her clothes had actually raised her sexiness to a new level.  At that moment, I had never felt so arroused but I knew that Erica's body was forbidden to me for several reason.  First and foremost. Erica was engaged to amother man, secondly, advances on my part could ruin our special friendship, finally, I was certain that Erica had absolutely no sexual interest in me.  Therefore, I intended to keep my hands to myself but in my mind, I was dreaming of making love to her.

After Erica and I had chaged clothes, we went to the fine restaurant which was located in the Hilton and we dined on the priciest meal on the menu.  We also ordered a bottle of wine and drank it all with our meal.  After dinner, Erica and I proceeded to the hotel's bar and consumed three mixed drinks and two tequilla shots each.  By this time, I was experiencing a delightful buzz but Erica was completely drunk and she began drawing unwanted attention to herself.  I quickly led Erica out of the bar and I escorted her to her room so that she might sober-up.

As we proceeded toward Erica's room, it was difficult to get her to walk in a straight line.  In fact, she made plenty of detours and it was on one of her detours that we ended up near the hotel's indoor pool.  "Let's go swimming," Erica said.  "I didn't bring my swimming trunks," I replied.  "We don't need our swimsuits." Erica said in a mischeivious tone.  "Our jeans and shirts will do."  I was very excited when Erica suggested swimming in our clothes because I was sure that she would be even more appealing if she became wet.  Her wet jeans would probably cling even more tightly to her body and her snug white top would most likely become clingy and transparent!  With that said, Erica placed her purse on a table near the pool and I did the same with my wallet.  Next, we took off toward the water and as we reached the pool's edge, I noticed that Erica had stopped so I did the same.  However, only my heels were on the pool's edge and the fronts my feet hung over the pool so my body teetered in a precarious position.  At that moment, Erica was overcome with mischeif and she pushed me firmly and i entered the pool with a big splash!  For a short time, Erica stood by the pool laughing with great gusto as I was in the waist-deep water in my soggy jeans, shirt, shoes and socks but she ran away as I began to climb out of the water fearing that I might retaliate and push her into the water.

I quickly went to my room, hoping that no one would see me in my wet clothing but as luck would have it, a group of teenaged girls passed me in the hall and they giggled when they saw me.  I had just enough time to change into some dry clothes when Erica began banging on my door and i quickly opened it and let her in.  As she entered, Erica began to appolgize with mock sincerity for pushing me in the pool.  She was able to keep a straight face at first but before she could finish, she burst into uncontrollable laughter.  I immediately forgave her even though her appology was far less than contrite.

Erica soon sobered-up to some degree and we spent a pleasant time together reveling in all the events which took place at Boeing.  We continued to talk for hours and at one point, I brought the subject of my childhood.  I told Erica of the wonderful time that I had when i was growing up and how my parents were very supportive of me.  As i continued to speak of my great childhood, I looked at Erica and noticed that she was crying.  "What's wrong," I said but she said nothing and continued to cry.

I then got up from my chair and walked over to Erica and put my arm around her in attempt to console her.  I held her in my arms for several minutes and I again asked her, "What's wrong?  "I am going to tell you something that I have never told anyone else." Slowly Erica began to speak and through her tears, she told me of a tragic childhood in which she was repeatedly sexually abused by her step father. Her abuse was so severe that she had difficulty having sex even today with her fiance.  "Rob wants to have sex 4 or 5 times a week and I just can't enjoy it." Erica said as she sobbed."

As Erica continued her sad story, I began to cry myselfl.  I felt so sorry for her and I wished that I could do something to ease her pain.  All I knew to do was what came instinctively to me so I began to hold her tight and gently rub her back.  After she had shared her agony with me, I said nothing for a long time, I just continued to hold her and caress her in the loving way that a parent might tend to a child.  When I fionally spoke, I said, "Erica, your step father was very cruel to you but you won and he lost ". " In spite of his cruelty, you have over come the pain and you have become an endless reservoir of goodness, sweetness and Kindness."  I continued by saying, "Only a few people in the world can truly be described as precious and Erica, you are among the most precious of the precious!"  Finally, I pointed out the fact that Erica's step dad didn't make her "damage goods" , in reality, just the opposite was true.

We didn;t say much for the rest of the evening, we both cried for a while longer as I continued to hold Erica.very tightly.  When Erica began to speak once more she said, "Thank you so very much, Ron, I feel like I have had a ton of weight lifted off me and I'm sure things will be much better between Rob and me."

I felt a great sense of satisfaction in helping Erica through her pain and even though our relationship was strictly platonic, I think I reached a greater intimacy with her than I did with any other women that I have ever known.
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Ron! What a wonderful, wonderful story! It's amazing how you can suck me into your world/past/memories in the first couple of lines. Such a tender and sweet respite from my stress-filled life! Your stories are always so sweet and well written, I envy you more than you could possibly imagine.

I am not a fan of cheating, but in a way I wish you would've been able to make love to Erica. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful story. I loved it!

Thank you so much Joyce, you just made my day! Love, Ron