Eternal Eclipse?

When will the lights come on again?

You do all you can but the bulb is shot

Stumbling in the dark like a pig in a pen

I cant tell what is and what isnt not...

When will the sun rise again?

Night is in the heart of even the most of prominent men

This darkness should have left these hills months ago

This curse is passed to each generation you know

What you see in the sky tonight

Is the eternal eclipse of empowering light

If you deny its being, your mind will it consume

Your mind will be filled with sorrows and doom

If this eclipse you learn to accept

Soon enough your sanity will be kept

Warmth will again be felt

If you decide to play the hand you have been dealt

So go all in or nothing at all

But if you are a coward be prepared to fall
Vagabond Vagabond
3 Responses Jun 11, 2007

Not at all bad, but a bit inconsistent as<br />
The ist 3rd 5th & 6th lines rhyme<br />
The 2nd & 4th lines rhyme<br />
From the 7th line onwards, each pair of lines rhyme<br />
Needs a bit of a reshuffle <br />
Otherwise very good, well done

Nope i havent. I play guitar just for fun and I use all my writing kind of as lyrics. Not word for word though.

very vivid. i enjoyed it! have you ever considered publishing?