Vigil's Last Letter

She loved the autumn. It was always so beautiful, and this year was no exception. When she got up that morning, she looked out in time to see the orange and red leaves falling from the tree outside her window. That evening, she was going to a game. She didn't normally like sports, but this was an important game. It was important to her, because he was playing at this game.   She thought about him, while she brushed her hair. He was her happy thought, when she found the early silver strands. She was only sixteen. She cried, but he was always on her mind to comfort her.   She was finishing high school, and so was he. They were both in their junior year, but she was homeschooled. He invited her to his football games, and she always sat in front cheering him on. At church, they played basketball together.   She was happy that next week, her family was going up North, to her favourite place in the world, but this time, he was coming with them. She was happy that she was able to share her favourite place and memories with him.   As she settled into her place on the bench to watch him practice with his team before the game, she sighed to herself. This was exactly where she wanted to be.   During the game that night, she cheered for him. His team won, after having lost the last few games, so afterwards, his family went out to celebrate. He was all sweaty and dirty from the game, but she hugged him anyway. She was proud of him that night.   After they had all gone back to their own houses for the night, right before she went to sleep, she did as she always did, and prayed for him. She prayed for him more than she prayed for herself.   On Sunday, he sat in front of her purposefully, so that she could draw him. He knew she loved to draw him, so he gave her every opportunity. After the evening service, they played basketball, and she was really happy because he picked her to be on his team.   Early Monday morning, they all got into the car, and went over to his house so that they could start the trip North. He sat next to her, and they played video games together. When it got late, and they were both tired, she fell asleep on his shoulder.   Seven years later, and she has just bought her first house. Her church family has come over for a housewarming party, and his family came as well. The party guests are thinning out around sunset, and everyone goes home except his family and hers. While the sun is still up a little, she approaches him in the living room of the new house.   She calls his name. It is more a question than anything else, so he looks at her and answers straight to her eyes.   "Yes?" He looks at her. She sighs. After seven long years have come and gone, he still doesn't know that she loves him.   "Will you do something for me?" She asks.   He sets down his drink, and steps closer to her. "Sure." He says.   "Close your eyes, and come with me." She says, hoping that he won't ask why. He does as she asks, and takes her hand. He feels the breeze, when they go outside.   "Where are we going?" He asks her.   "We're here." She says, and they both stop walking. She takes her hand away from his, and covers his eyes with both her hands. "I want to tell you about it before you see it, ok?" She asks.   "Ok." He says. She takes a deep breath, and sighs.   "Next to us, there's a really big Japanese cherry tree. My grandpa bought it for my grandma when they moved here in 1961." She says.   "This used to be your grandparents' house?" He asks.   "Yeah." She answers. "The cherry tree is in bloom, and there are tiny pink flowers all over it, completely covering the tips of the branches. The bark on the tree is white. Can you smell the flowers?"   He inhales deeply. "Yeah, I can smell them." He says, after a minute.   "On the porch corner near us, there's a flower pot with pansies in it. And in the middle of the yard, there's a big old oak tree that I used to climb in with my cousins and my brother." She says.   "Oh, that's cool." He says, crossing his arms in front of him.   "Next to the house, there's a bunch of bushes, then in front of those, there's a white picket gate, about four feet high, behind the cherry tree. And then on the other side of the yard, there's a sand box. " She adds.   He says her name, putting his hands on top of hers, "Why are you telling me this?" He asks.   "Because..." Her voice breaks. "Because I wanted you to know. I wanted you to see it through my eyes, before you saw it. I wanted you to see 1997." The last part she whispers, before pulling her hands from his eyes.   He opens his eyes, and the first thing he sees is a decaying stump, crowned with what looked like what might have been white bark at one time. He looks back to see her looking at it and crying.   He looks around the yard, scanning for any possible remains of the picture that she had painted in his mind. In the middle of the yard, there was a tiki tent, and off to the side, where she said the sandbox was, there was a jacuzzi. There was no oak tree, and from the looks of the side part of the house, the picket gate was gone too.   She cries, and he hugs her, hoping his embrace can ease her pain. Her sobs lessen, and he starts to think she is all right, when he hears the faintest voice against his chest. He listens closely so that he can hear it. She is singing softly.   “Ain’t nothing left at all, in the end of being proud.”
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Good story. Though, some formatting would make it easier to read :-)