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Magic & Love
      “No one believes in magic, no believes in charity and very few believe in love. If I could through my writing, bring magic back to my world, put kindness in the hearts of people and help everyone learn the true meaning of love, then I’ll know my words fell to where it was needed. I wish that I’m understood; and may my words be the magic for your kindness and love.”

For all we know, we are all little pieces to the puzzle of civilisation. We are born, share in a life, try to achieve a certain tolerance of greatness and then we die. What is the actual purpose of mankind, no one seems to know. And its certainly not to further humanity’s already overloaded popularity. Is there a goal that everybody must reach to be entitled to be considered a player or is the world filled with illiterates all digging selfishly into a small pot of knowledge.
Learning is growing experience and no pot is big enough to hold all its power.
We are here to advance, to become a part of our talents and to let our talents become a part of us. The more we are able to perfect the use of our talents, the more special we become and to be special inside ourselves brings us closer together. Together as people, together as believers that we all own a piece of it –
- a small piece of a large rock we call earth.
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1 Response Jun 27, 2007

i love what you wrote. i love stories that make me think or re think....