Sex Witch

Girl, Don’t you remember the day we decided to run?

Laying naked under the heat of the sun

Your eyes were as green as the grass on which we lay

Your soothing words were hypnotizing, and you seduced me that day

With eyes closed, you sat back and rolled your hips

As I slid my tongue between your luscious pinks lips

Leaning forward you moaned and panted

Saying, “I wont take one inch of you for granted”

As you guided me in I was mesmerized by your black eyes

Little did I know they were full of deceit and green lies

Fingers scraping my back muscles, your hand grabbing my ***

I hoped that unifying moment would never pass

We collapsed sweating in the morning dew

I had been at the mercy of your sinister voodoo


I tried to resist time and time again

Knowing your motives were full of sin

Those words you spoke and those dark eyes

Had every inch of my body euthanized

You were never true to me, my heart you constantly derailed

But I have found a way to keep you from casting your evil love spell


I walked into your candle lit room and told you what I had decided

Confidently smiling, below my waist your mouth confided

With your mouth busy, you gazed up at me with those big black eyes

I just smiled remembering all of your lies

Then the perfect time drew near

I reached out and pulled you all the way down by grabbing your ear

Now was the time to set my plan into action

You never saw it ******* not even a fraction

I stood up and made my way to the door

“You cant cast your spells with your mouth full *****”

Today is the day, Ive decided to run alone from now on

No longer my heart can you pawn

Vagabond Vagabond
10 Responses Jun 30, 2007

Beowulf is correct, you need to watch the beat and syllable count for a smoother flow, for example<br />
<br />
Girl do you remember the day<br />
The day we decided to run<br />
The day that we both lay naked<br />
In the heat of the morning sun<br />
etc <br />
Hope this helps

This is inspiring... It describes a lot of what I feel about a past lover.

I like it *Thumbs up* Keep on writing. x]

I can relate to your story. I have seen witches of those sort trust me ;)

I find that if I don't polish it, it conveys how I truly feel at that moment more adequately

I liked it even if it wasn't very polished.

Theres a symbolism with the eyes changing colors...<br />
<br />
Yeah, I just wrote it and pushed submit I didn't edit it at all. I like writing like that.

Interesting, but there's a sort of incompatibility between the rhyme scheme and the general structure of it... the random line lengths stop it from flowing properly.<br />
<br />
Not bad though.

Green eyes or black eyes?

Does she have green eyes or black eyes lady?