His Other Woman Is X-rated 365 Days a Year!

Does your husband have another woman? Of course we almost always say "No, not my husband". And then we wonder, simply because someone posed the question to us... so we start questioning our intimacy, skulking about like the world famous international spies that we are, seeking clues of infidelity and we start watching for little telltale signs that might give him away. While the entire time (for most of us) she is living right under our noses in our own homes and we don't even realize it!

That's where I found her after waking up well after midnight and he wasn't in bed so I went looking for him and there I found them together in MY LIVING ROOM and he was so busy fondling her, coaxing her to do his bidding that he didn't even notice my presence. I was so shocked that I watched in silence their ritual mating of infidelity, as the pain and rejection of betrayal screamed though my mind... how did I miss this? She was no quite lover, vocal in her demands of him and if he resisted, she would go no further until he gave in to her... giving her exactly what she wanted. I was amazed at the power she held over him. I know that I should've said something, done something to stop it but I was locked into place, frozen in the astonishment that had overwhelmed me. I silently willed him to turn and see my presence to get some sort of reaction from him. But that was not to be the case, I continued to watch every moment of intimacy, every touch, every scream until the bitter end.

And at that moment spent from exhaustion he looked up and saw me. Quickly he moved away from her and I could see his mind attempting to formulate an excuse but he knew there was nothing he could say that would change the fact that he had been caught in the very act! So he reached over, touched her one last time while grinning sheepishly at me, turned off his x-box 360 and we went to bed.

ChiTea ChiTea
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