Growing Old Together..

My head is my foundation, my fountain of youth and as the wrinkles eat up my skin, my humanity creeps in. Suspenders hold up my legs, they also hold up my dreams and the dreams of the man who sleeps next to me, to secure my dreams that I will never die alone.


At night we share secret thoughts of hmms and aahs and sex and things, what else to talk about in the early hours, and sleep is just a stupid habit which is a waste of my little hours. I hold your hand and you hold mine and as we watched the ducks fight over our bread, our thoughts and memories connect. 


 Trees and skittles and pizzas and nights of drunken youth in vain? The night you and I united in pain. I’ll never forget these memories so fond, God be my witness I’ll never break our bond.

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5 Responses Mar 1, 2009

thanks, heheee i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Very nice I liked this.

indeed ^_^

a bond such as that is a blessing and hopefully will last forever.

Short, but sweet.