"How does it feel?", as a teen male whispered in a sinister tone waking me up in a gloomy environment. I decoded my horror into not sentiment, but pure logic. "Why am I here, stuck on this chain? What are you plotting?" It derives, that my friend had no grudges and yet, still wants to execute an evil Genius from within him. "Hahaha!!! Of course, I'm plotting a party for you, nothing sully!" Nonsense I thought, "this must have been pre meditated Osciel!" Insanity brinks in the eyes of me, a loud boast of the criminal spouts "YOU LOSE! Hahahah! All this time when you got the spotlight in Wammys house for being 1st intelligent, I will be the one because you're gonna be done!" I knew, there was no stopping the person I called my best ally.
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Aug 27, 2014