Kinder, Kirche, Kuche (Children, Church, Kitchen)

Part Three - Chapter One Hundred Seventy-Six

In the press of exiting humankind after the ceremony, I got temporarily separated from my husband, son, daughter-in-law to be, and her little sister. I struggled my way through and finally became reunited where the others waited, next to the table where Bobby was just folding his robe to add to the others to return (these were the days when robes were rented by the ceremony and had to be returned). He had already discarded his mortarboard and Mary Jane was holding the tassel in her one hand. I smiled inwardly, wondering idly whether Mary Jane was going to return the favor three days from now. Or did young ladies do that?

Bobby exhaled noisily. "It's a relief to get out of that hot thing." He brushed at his slightly-mussed hair. He grinned tiredly. "Next stop...high school graduation."

"First," Robert said, "your mother and I have a surprise for you."

"You do?" Bobby turned curious eyes on his father. "Where - and what - is it?"

"Follow me." Robert led the way outside. Mary Jane and Paula followed, and I brought up the rear.

Most of the surrounding cars had already departed for points unknown from where we had parked the Impala Super Sport. It sat there in a sort of solitary splendor, gleaming in the sunlight.

Bobby stopped short as we reached the curbing. Robert hadn't said one word, but, A student that my son was, he made the connection instantly.

"Mine?" he sort of gasped, pointing.

"Yours," Robert confirmed. "Do you like it?"

Bobby didn't reply. He seemed to be struck speechless. His blue eyes widened in wonder. His mouth dropped. He finally found his voice and whispered, "'s just magnificent..."

He reached for the door handle, on the passenger side. Then he jerked his hand away. We had all forgotten for a few minutes just how hot it was out here.

Robert reached into his pocket and produced the keys.

"Here you go. Want to try her out?"

Bobby looked up and down the lane. Traffic had slowed to its normal this-hour crawl with the exodus of graduates and their assorted relations. We were almost completely alone.

My son decided. "Let's all go out for an early supper. I'm so hungry, I could eat a bear!"

We settled for a pizzeria not too far from the campus, where we celebrated the graduation and Bobby's new car - and, more to the point,Mary Jane's upcoming high school graduation.

Robert and I were both proud of both of our students.

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