I Admire

The one who writes for necessity

obligation, vocation or vanity.

The one who disappears giving chance

to the text to stand out.

The one who is a Best seller

And the anonymous as well.


I appreciate…

who writes true literature

and virtual ones

who writes word by word building

a novel, fiction or adventure.

who writes in molds of poetry

music, chronicle or story.

who places himself in the plot

partially or integrally.

who creates and survives

the life of a character.


I respect…

who expresses in swearword

and the one who is poeticized

who chatters in the colloquial

or scholar writes.

who writes what I do not like

who suggests what I do not agree

and evokes what I almost loathe.


I bow to the one…

who stumbles in the letters

and finds the solution in the dictionary

who leans over with pen on the paper:

with breadcrumbs, open mouth for tiredness

who writes in the present

relieves the past or invents the future

who writes for himself or for others.


I even admire…  

the one who writes backwards

as long as he knows what he is writing

the one who gets organized in the paper

and gets lost in a sentence

Even if he gets back in the next word,

in another paragraph or in the next story.


In the end, I admire most

Not only the one

who writes correctly

or wrong, but

no matter what

keeps on writing.

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15 Responses Jun 21, 2009

You have described all born writers well. This poem should go on each of their walls in the room where they go to create.


This is beautiful :)

This was amazing. You are an fantastic poet. <br />
<br />
You were able to put into words everything that I feel about writing and reading. As I read this, I felt the order and chaos of words. Does that make any sense? <br />
<br />
As an aspiring writer this truly made my day.

Wow, I loved it. That was terrific. We have a wonderful poet here.

had not read this in a long time...<br />
<br />

beautiful! i admire that too.

I wish I could write like this. Words just flow from you like a fresh brook.

was such a joy to read that again :-*<br />
<br />
and do not ever stop writing princess, it would be a crime against humanity if you did

an honour for a numerological nine to gift you your 9th rating...<br />
<br />
I read every word like they were the pieces of bread eaten at the sacred table of the final supper...and drank my tears of joy as if the blood of every messiah flowed through me...just a superb spirit of word magic tendereyes<br />
<br />

I would be more of a stumble through the dictionary kind of writer, when I'm presenting a thought ... other than that, I just wing it when I talk one to one, and people tolerate me ;) ... as long as people write, is all that matters, no matter how well they do it ... but Princess makes it look easy :)

You have creative writing princess. Fantastic! Smiles!

that is so beautiful. <br />
<br />
a statement so many can share, stated so wonderfully

Very insightful, and well explained ...

I bow respectfully. Well done my fellow poet. Most assuredly, well done!