Early Morning Inspiration

Last Wednesday morning I was waiting for the train to take me to school. It was around 6:50am and snowing, so it was dark out. I had always had a thing for snow, from when I was a kid and this time was no different. As I stood on the platform I looked up and witnessed the large snowflakes fall onto my face and I instantly felt sad. I loved the moment of peace I was in, yet the person I wished I could share it with was no longer in my life. At that moment, words just started to come to me and when I got home that evening, I wrote (typed) them down. I would like to share them and hopefully someone can tell me what they think.



Have you ever just stared up at sky while the snow is falling down? It appears almost other worldly as the single white flakes cover the earth in a blanket of white. For a moment, troubles are gone and you are filled with pure bliss and innocence. In that moment, anything is possible, love is possible. And then a snowflake hits you. Out of the thousands that have fallen, one collides with your eye and suddenly you are back in reality, the dream is over.

quinn483 quinn483
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1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I see this as you had one very good private moment with life that you will one day hopefully share with a child of your own. It is life showing you that you are hand picked for this life as you are living it and may it always be blessed with such moments away from the worlds troubles and may yuou always find peace in that thought as this is how life should be. One more thing is that you can never for get the feeling you had with it. LIfe is like that some times. So just enjoy the moment it was pure and silent. LIfe is like the snow flake. be ready always. But enjoy those moments you do get.