Every once in a while, people begin to change. Our life. Our hearts and minds. They are no longer what we truly saw them as. All brothers and sisters have one thing in common; that connection of protection in life. If you venture into the world, without guidance, what happens? Who protects you?

Everybody needs guidance. Everyone wants security. But, it isn't really the security we all want and need, but it is the mind that wants it. The heart just craves attention. The eyes see through everything as being cast away like a shadow. But, once you find that protection, your mind calms down. Your mind sees that, being connected with some one, so closely, isn't so bad. Yet, your heart tells you otherwise. Your heart wants you to not live with protection of others and reliance on some one to guide you, but to guide yourself. To protect yourself from the mistakes you have made and the accomplishments you have done.

An ordinary man looks up into the sky and will say, "I just see lights fill an empty sky." But, some one who is not blind, will look up into that same sky and say  "I see the stars, shining on me, and one of those stars, one day, will be my protection and guidance."

The blind man, will not see the beauty of what a blanket of stars looks like. That blind man, will not see that he can control his own life. He cannot see that, he holds the paint brush to his life and is standing on top of his canvas.

The man, who sees the sky, full of life and energy, will grasp the paint brush, and stand in front of the canvas. A simple canvas of a man, is not something every person takes for granted. Most people, do not guide themselves, but are guided by something more, something that we do not see but claim it is there. Everyone should know, there is strength in us all.

Every person holds the brush. Every one looks at the canvas. But the lucky ones, are the ones who can see the canvas. The lucky ones, know what guidance is and security.

And in the end, nothing stopped the blind man from standing on his canvas. The man, who once said he did not see the stars, he only saw light.

We will paint our lives. We will paint our wisdom. We will paint our own death.

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=) Thanks. Glad some one liked it.

wow you certainly do have a way with words. i really like this and it made me think :)

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Don't know what I am writing about myself half the time.