Health & Clutter.. Yes, They Go Hand In Hand

alberto asks: "Question: at what point do you decide that it is time to go to the doctor because, for whatever reason, this is not working for you?"


I woke up the other night thinking I was having a heart attack.. I'm WAY too nice and happy for that crap. then as I focused on myself, it moved from crushing my whole chest to locating under my ribcage on the right side.. HOLD THE PHONE.. I've seen Dr. Oz.. my heart's NOT on that side! so, what the...?

I sent an "I think i'm having a heart attack alert email at 3am to my fam and baby girlie. She was still up and called freaking out but calmed as soon as she heard my voice. Then I felt like my idiot sis who always sends out the yearly 'i'm going to kill myself updates'.. I told her after the last time she took 25 percosets and still woke up to either give it up and let it go and get on w her life or figure out how to get it done RIGHT! grr!

Anyway, about 11 am the next day, pain still had me bent over and hard to breath and my back was killing me.. couldn't sit up, lay down, managed to eat (thank heaven that ability is always there for me! LOL) so, I called my neighbors who have keys and told them I was driving to the hosp.. then got bitched out by the nurse when she asked who my driver was.. i told her that I drove myself to the hosp while I was in labor, and this was much less messy bc I didn't have water to break and get all over my driver's seat.. ick!

So.. after getting weighed and IV'd (somewhere I've misplaced 14 lb.. huh? but yay!) and wheeled down a bunch of halls that if I had to get up and find my way out, I'd be lost and didn't take my floursecent pink spray paint to even leave a trail.. the IV started kicking in and the pain went away, then I started asking that since it did, I can go home now.. to which they replied.. "Not so fast there, Missy!" so, I laid back and relaxed.. found out tons of stuff.. no diabetes, no high cholesterol or blood pressure, and very healthy except for a stone in my kidneys and this is the list of cool stuff you can't eat any more..

So, why did this happen? I forgot who I am. I forgot that I can heal myself and I forgot that I AM GOD.. and don't NEED to go thru this.. but as for your question.. someone else will have a better clue, maybe..

Good luck and if it makes you feel better, go check it out if you feel better about doing so, so you can relax your mind and body and feel better!




You and your perspective are hilarious. I am waiting for your HBO comedy special. Let me know when the scheduled air date is. 



Parts 2&3:

well, when last we left me, I'd just got back from the er with what I thought was a heart attack, but was a gall stone.. had the IV not kicked in, I was looking for a fillet knife out of my wooden knife rack and handled it myself.

But while lying on the gurney thing watching the overhead lights zip by and thinking.. 'wow, I've seen this on TV!' I was also thinking of if I croaked (ok w me, but sad for my fam and friends to have to go thru my collected CRAP in my house).. I need to change this.. '

So, all this week, my stalwart neighbor has been here holding two bags. one for trash, one for good will.. prying stuff from my warm, clenched fist (rather than my cold dead one..) and heart rending 'NNnnnnnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!' she'd rip it out of my hand and stuff it... whatever it was.. into which ever bag she thought was appropriate.. so, to my surprise, the stuff that was housed in my living room for 3 years that only left a path way to my door, is now mostly gone.. and I feel so good about it!.. now i'm intending 4 white bookcases and a comfy couch since we also unearthed a perfectly good tv on a tv stand.. neighbor was amazed at what was buried.. a lazy boy chair and complete dining table w 4 chairs..

Now, with all of this, my clothes dryer decided to slip on to the great beyond.. DAG NABBIT!!! so, I called my boi who fixed it the last time and asked "what do I DOOOOOOOoooooooooo!!!!???!?!?!?!" he told me what it was and would send me the part at his cost..= $3.. the part i priced retail = $60 plus some doodah coming to install it.. unclick old one, click in new one for a $60 tech fee.. I'll go w my boi's part and being on the phone while he walks me thru it..

But to make it good.. the smell of the freshly washed clothes hanging in my house is amazing..

so, all is well! and (deep breath) the house smells fabulous... fa la la!




I love this posting of yours today. I am so proud of you. That had to be very hard to do all of that clearing out.  

 I live in an apt. that once belonged to my mom about 20 years ago and still has stuff everywhere that is hers (in closets) in rooms, in boxes, in the entire garage barely room for a car, that she can't part with and I have to live with. I wish I could find a way to get rid of it for no cost as well. I know it would make me feel much better/lighter than having to walk around all this and look at it all the time. There are 3 non-working television sets alone.....pfffffftt!!! Keep on keepin' on!

I felt soooooooooooooooo great reading your success. Thanks for sharing that! And the dryer as well, nice to have manifested our $3 repair!! You are truly amazing. A miracle manifester!

Way to go!! Way to live the Abe way and work it! YOU GO GIRL!




My reply:

is your mom still alive? if not, only keep the MINIMAL AMOUNT of stuff that means a lot TO YOU.. trust me, if you don't know what all is there you won't miss it.. and if you have a fire or break in (U/you forbid!) and she doesn't care anymore.. you'll never know what's gone.

I DID get rid of a lot of my daughter's precious school work that she'd boxed up.. but I did clear it with her at the time..

You say:" I wish I could find a way to get rid of it for no cost as well" .. find a friend and have TonS of trash bags.. and remember that what's not being used by you is desperately needed by others.. I gave a lot to the lady upstairs that helps at the soup kitchen.. I had TONS of knit/crochet afgans that I'd been sitting on for years and there are ppl out there freezing..

lots of kitchen and household stuff that I could have been giving to women and their kids who'd escaped from an abusive relationship and left with nothing..

there is a yahoo group called Freecycle.. find it and ppl come and pick up stuff.. sell what you'd like to on Craig's list.. feel uncomfortable about them coming to your house? Grab a friend and meet them in the walmart parking lot.. lots of lighting and no one will step out of line toward you there..

have a box of 'door prizes'. as guest  leave, let them go thru your 'grab box' and make sure you have every one of them take something out of your house to be appreciated at theirs.

Call an appliance store to come and get the tv sets.. start w those.. clothing = goodwill or a charity and even THEY will come and pick the stuff up// start bagging, boxing and calling. GETTER DONE! even ONE new empty space will make your heart sing!

With your mom's stuff.. keep ONLY 5 pieces to remember her more.. if she's alive and ya'll are living together, as soon as you can, if she goes out.. put 5 things in your car to disperse into the universe for someone else..

start on it.. I've been sitting on this crap for 10 years.. paying $120 a month for a while for 3 years.. so that's $4320 that I've paid to keep it.. never again.. I don't want to become a minimalist, just a LESSist! LOL

and I know it looks daunting, but find a friend who wants to help you by helping decide about the clutter. it's necessary.. it's sure made my heart sing and I feel so much lighter and free.. which makes me feel wonderful, but it WAS daunting to think about going thru it alone.

best of all things and keep me in the loop of your clutter clearing!!

And thanks SO much for your note! but no.. cam never re-mainfested.. still makes my heart twinge just thinking about the great pix I lost too.. grrrrr!!!!!


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