I enjoy writing stories.  I have even created two original characters that I use in my stories.  On character is Luna Starburst.  She is part witch, part fairy and part vampire.  She has the ability to switch between these forms but she must choose wisely because she can only change once every 24hrs.  One Halloween I even cosplayed as her.  My other character is Winstar Williams.  He is the adopted younger brother of Luna.  He is a wizard but he was the only magical person in his birth family.  They were all muggles and didn't understand him very well so Luna's family took him in.  I haven't written many stories and most of my stories never get finished.  I generally don't write fan fics but I wrote a silly Harry potter fan fic once that made it's way into the first ever issue of my high school's literary magazine in my senior year.

lunastarburst lunastarburst
22-25, F
Feb 19, 2010