I Love To Teach Creative Writing

I am a Primary School teacher but my favourite subject to teach is Creative Writing.  My classes become very good at it and people like to just drop in to sit in and watch. 

As an author I know that illustration and marketing are just as important as the ability to write an appealing text.  And that's where I start when I teach.

I find a step by step picture to draw.  It might be an owl, a helicopter, a clown, a cartoon cat, a mad scientist, a racing car - I have a huge repertoire.  We devote two weeks to the completion of each story.  The first two lessons in the first week are devoted entirely to the illustration and presentation of the story. 

I also have a collection of stencils for lettering.  Also border stencils.  While the class is doing the illustrative work, they are thinking about setting, characters and plot.  They begin...

Over the next week, they finish their stories, including the introduction and resolution of a conflict.  Then they have to present them.  To be a successful writer, you have to always have a potential audience in mind.   You will know if you have succeeded because people will be asking to see and read your story before you have even finished it.

Many of the subjects I choose for art are already the basis for many successful characters.  eg the cartoon cat - Sylvester, Tom. Garfield, Top Cat etc.  You see this all the time in literature and movies - repetitions of popular stories and themes.

Have great fun with your writing.  And if something you have seen appeals to you - see if you can do something along those lines but with a different slant or twist. 

All the best!

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

all very good advice and very much agree with you about keeping your audience in mind, I can't write without that. In fact, I always write with a feeling and different persons in mind.