Writing Is My Special Gift!

I love writing! I think its my gift! I am able to write about everything, I always write what I feel! I have written everything from stories to articles to poems and blogs!

I am over weight and I recently started a new blog feel free 2 checkit out:


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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

Hey I agree with u writting is a passion and a talent that certian people are blessed with and I truely think u are blessed with it as well as me, and a lot of other people!! I wish u would share more of ur writtings, I am intersted in reading more of then soon!!! For some writting dosen't come easy too them they think, but if they look inside themselves like u and I, there are all kinds of things too write about, especially what we have been through, and people never realize this or do not take the time too, but other people's writting can inspire them to be more open and honest with themselves and others as well!! Great job, my friend, I am glad to have meet u:}