Mankind No Longer Exists

This was actually an assignment we had to do in a Behavioral Studies (Psychology class i guess you could call it). I figured I'd share it/re-write it.

You know that feeling when you touch another human, that soft, sensual touch to a loved one? You know that feeling you get, when you just sit and talk to some one about your day or your life? There is always going to be the ever lasting feeling in each of us. In every man, woman and child, we all crave human contact. Whether we want to accept it or not. It is something we live with and what we live for.

When a newborn child grips your finger, your arm, you feel overwhelmed with joy and that moment of pure sensation and happiness, that you don't want it to ever end. Children bring our worlds together. As adults, we view them as mere toys to our own judgement. They test us. They learn from us. But we learn so much more from them. We learn what friendship is. We learn what simple acts of kindness can do. They teach us to say sorry and not feel bad about saying it. What we learn, as children, fade away as we grow older. We forget what we have really learned. And when we have children, we have to learn all over again, and remember what we have lost.

With todays world, there is none of this. There is nothing in us anymore. We are born. We work. And we die. The world, in itself, has become one giant labor camp. Man has no place anymore. Woman are turned into breeding machines. Children are turned into test subjects. We drove ourselves into the ground. We experimented to far, and to much. What we wanted to know, cost us our own sanctuary. It cost us our lives and our freedom.

One simple error, drove the mechanical beings into what they are now. A simple mistake drove them, into going against their own creators. What man craves, is knowledge, but what we crave, gets us killed.

No more, when you look off into the distance, do you see a sunset of a warming heart. Now, there is grayness. There is darkness in the sky, mud beneath your feet being forced apart by what little we are given to survive.

When a child is born, they cry. They want to be warm again. A mother provides all of this. A mother gives her child the warmth they want. The security they need. They gentle touch of heart that some one is there with them, so they aren't afraid. A father gives them the strength and courage they need to live in a world. The ability for a young being to grow into some one, to make something of themselves.

We all remeber the warm touch of a child, the tears of our loved ones falling down their cheek as they cried. Being the shoulder tocry on. Being the home for a son who is scared. Being the home for a daughter, who is afraid to go outside. Instead, there is nothing.

A child is born, and grasps onto the cold mechanical arm. There is no warmth. No security. It shrugs it off, as if it is just a pest. It doesn't care. It never will. Families are never the same again. The world, itself, is driven mad by what humans have cause to themselves. They cannot stand the sight of these mechanical beings anymore.

But, to live in a world of no freedom, your only freedom, exists in your true escape from reality and into your dreams; Death.

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Yeah, was mostly to just be shared. Not really debated. This is, I guess to look at it, far into the future of our planet or an alternate universe/world.

Hello Coast...everyone is entitled to their opinion. This is how he, or his group sees it. A subject good for argument, nonetheless. But I believe HT posted it to share and not to be debated upon.

Thank you, I think? o.0

This is a ridiculous subjective assessment stated as fact - your perspective is not that of the world.

Lol, we did I think. It was a group project at first, At the time, I only wrote the last part. Its been on my mind for a while to re-write it, myself. Just never got around to it. :D

Hope you got a good grade for this, HT. Words well spoken. Proud of ya! :)<br />
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Like the part where..."...the newborn child grips your finger..." - this is just an everlasting feeling. <br />