The Silent

Her small hands are clumsy and feet wobbling. She has no grasp of the present, except knowing she cannot hold onto  it. Everything is shadows, and everything is meant to entertain her. She giggles, laughs and points in delight, before falling to the ground again and letting shadows pick her up. There is only one thing clear to her, the cold touch of glass, a small object only two inches in height. Again and again, she reaches for this glass. She begs it to be filled  with golden liquid, to pour it into the glass and let its poison flood her throat and mind. She isn't sure what she says anymore, her voice was dammed by inhibitions, and suddenly let go..she could not stop talking. Tears slide down her cheeks, slowly, then flowing as though she had never cried before. She is laughing, hiccuping, and crying with the shadows. She feels foolish, amazing, empowered and immobilized. She is fading, and it is all that she wished for.


The girl wakes beneath the glaring sun. At first, she doesn't know, but then she realizes what passed. She rests her forehead on her knees, her fingers entwined with one another-her only comfort. She wants to sob, but does not. Instead, a sharp inhale, a throbbing throat, and she swallows down her sadness. She will forget this just like she's forgotten everything else. At least for those chaotic moments in the night, she was not so silent. Only in her druken stupor did she know.


Ayleena Ayleena
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5 Responses Mar 28, 2010

Sublime... I was truly delighted by your remarkable story.


keep writing .. u have talent.. and i believe it comes from ur heart..

Wow, u really have talent. Write some more.

Gloomy, but I liked it. :D