Paanjali Story

My friends used to tease my girly butts and bigger chest. They press it often. First without my knowledge. And nowadays openly. It was those days in my college where the college function started and v have planned for a drama with an indian background. Ramayana story. 1 women paanchali getting married to 5 men. V planned for the scripts and dialogues and finally 1 problem aroused. No girls accepted to act in that as their reputation will go away with that story line. But v were in a stress to do that drama. So v started discussing what to do. Finally they suggested some1 among us will do the female role also. V started to think who will be apt for it and all guys said that I would look perfect coz I have big chest and curvy ***. And they started teasing me lyk " hey panchaali are u ready to be our wife" . I thought they were kidding me. But it happened. They bought some traditional Indian dress for me. They said u better wear these and get accousted to. I thought what's the big deal and removed my dress. Am in underwear nw. I wore the bra. It was tight. It seemed lyk I had breast. Then I removed the underwear and wore a panty. I was getting excited and my rod got erected. The guys started teasing look at her , her clittoris is getting erected and they pressed my boobs and butts. I stopped them and then I wore the traditional Indian saree with full makeup. I was dressed like that the whole day. My friends went out in the evening. I stayed in home prepared tea for them and waited. They came home to see me still dressed like that. They said they have a surprise for me and suddenly they all took a wedding chain and all five tied it to my neck. And they said u r our wife now and one by one started to kiss me. I wanted to push them. But my girl inside me dominated me and I enjoyed their kisses. They opened their zip and told me " u bitchy wife of us come suck our dicks". I dropped to my knees and sucked all the chocolates. They tore my dress and fuckd fuckd me. I dont knw who I was sucking who I was giving ******* or who was fuckn me but I dint care. They all are my husband's. Am the only wife to them. And after all these tired wit the fuckngs finally kissed the dicks one by one of all my husbands and went to sleep wondering what would come next day
evildead1nightmare evildead1nightmare
22-25, M
Dec 6, 2012