My Marriage As A Women With Nil(fantasy)- Part3

The next morning we had to perform various rituals. so i got up early in the morning priest told my mother-in-law to apply oil on my body and take oil bath. then my mother in law asked me to get ready in marriage dress. i took that cover and wore that white coloured bra and panty. then white petticoat was made up of velvette cloth which was very smooth and soft. Then i wore the white coloured silk blouse presented by my hubby. this too was very hot and gorgeous.then we did wear the saree and went to marriage stage.we performed all the rituals.Then my dear husband tied mangalsutra around my neck and i applied bindi on my forehead.Then we were official couple. We went to register office and registered our marriage. I was very happy that i became mrs.raji rao.During night my mother-in-law gave me milk and told me to take it to bed room where her son was waiting.I went inside the room he checked whether anyone was hiding inside. Then we locked the room.That was our first night
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plz complete your story.

lucky you

wat happnd in room

i would like to read part 1 and part 2 also.

wish both of you for a happy married life....!!!!

woww....without attending ur marriage....we attended ur marriage....bcoz u well wrote abr the whole episode......lucky hubby u got....who loves u so much and very possesive abt u....

But what abt after 1 day...whr u went for honeymoon.....pls share ur real exp of honeymoon....share sm real pics too.......