My First Try Of Saree

I was visiting a female friend of mine. We was talking about diffrent things and suddenly she asked if I had played truth or dare? I said I had played it but it was a long time ago. She said that we could play it since she had never played it before just with two people. I saw no harm in that so I said sure.
We was testing each other out in the first round with just truth. And that is kind of boring, so I said Dare in one round. She grinned - and I knew that this might not be a good thing.
- I dare you to put on a Saree and wear it the rest of the night, she said.
Since we was alone in my hotel room I saw no problems with that. So I undressed and she helped me put the Saree on that she had brought with her in a bag. I thought oh darn.
She took a dare and I dared her to play the rest of the game in her underwear. She laughed and agreed.
I took a dare.
- I dare you to be tied up and gagged in the Saree, she said.
- What?
- You heared me. I dare you...
- But we don't have anything to tie me up with...
- Sure we have, she said and took out a lot of ropes.
- You have been planing this, I said.
- Sure...
So I agreed.
She had me standing up and tied my hands behind my back tightly. Then it was my elbows. I complained and she told me to be quiet.
- Lay down on the floor, she said and helped me down.
She then tied my ankels and knees.
She put me in a tight hogtie.
I started to worry now...
She pulled out some pieces of fabric that she wadded up and pushed into my mouth. And then tied over my mouth.
- So, I win... She said and sat down on the chair.
I looked at her and wondered how she knew I liked this and how this might end...
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great story.

Nice. This story is so sexy!

Well, I was tied up for some hours and then she freed me. I spent the rest of the evening in the Saree and it was a wonderful feeling. The next day I tied her up in her Saree. I think we did this about once every day. I loved it when she tied me very tight in a Saree and she played with me while blindfolded.