I Am A Western Male And I Want To Wear A Saree

I am from the USA and I think sarees are so beautiful! I love to look at the sarees at http://www.utsavfashion.com/saree and one day I will order one for myself.
I am lucky because my wife knows that I am a crossdressing sissy and she is happy to be in charge of me. She guides me and instructs me on how to be a better sissy. I think she will be happy to see that I want to wear a saree and will allow me to order one.
Does anybody have any suggestions about the kind of saree I should order? I want a very pretty and colorful one but not sure of the style and fabric yet.
I love seeing all of your stories and pictures about dressing in pretty sarees!
jackiesissy jackiesissy
Jan 13, 2013